Special Projects

Gaining an exceptional reputation within our field over the years has afforded Gardner Construction the good fortune of being involved with a number of special projects:

Channel 7: House Rules

Gardner Construction currently presides as National Build Project Manager for Channel 7’s popular reality TV show, House Rules. The program revolves around the total renovation of contestants’ homes within a seven day period, incorporating anything from internal wall modifications to redesigns for bathrooms and kitchens alike. Gardner Construction is responsible for arranging all trades and co-ordinating the build to result in the incredible transformations that unfold on television screens across the country. Our relationship with the House Rules show has been ongoing since its inception as we served as the NSW builders for season 1 and advised the then project manager on building issues nationwide. Season 2 saw Gardner Construction promoted to Assistant National Build Project Manager, before our ascension into our current role for seasons 3 and 4.

Selling Houses Australia

Gardner Construction has partnered with award-winning Australian TV show Selling Houses Australia for five seasons as their national builder. The series follows property owners who are having difficulty selling their homes, featuring properties which cannot sell or have been on the market for an extended period of time. Gardner Construction is tasked with sending out employees across Australia to undertake the building works as these existing houses are renovated and fixed up within three days to ready them for sale. The transformations elicited by our team on the properties featured on the show have led to a 90% clearance rate for Selling Houses Australia, a show that has won numerous TV awards and holds one of the highest ratings on pay TV.

Tooheys New Crew

Beer brand Tooheys launched the Tooheys New Crew initiative as a way of giving back to the community. Orchestrating a team of specialists to travel across NSW and lower QLD locating those in need and putting projects in motion to regenerate the local communities. Gardner Construction was assigned head builder for these projects, which saw us travelling to communities in need and working to re-build and re-design their local clubhouses, sporting venues, disability centres and stadiums. We would utilise local knowledge, and employ trades and volunteers to create truly amazing transformations for the community earning us and them a great sense of achievement. This project ran for three years within which time we completed 35 projects.

XXXX Island

Formerly Pumpkin Island, a privately owned stretch of sand on Keppel Bay near the Great Barrier Reef, the island was temporarily renamed XXXX Island in 2012 as part of a campaign by brewer Castlemaine Perkins who leased it to promote their beer Castlemaine XXXX. Tied in with a construction project, Gardner Construction was the head builder and lead contractor for the project’s duration working within the island’s eco-infrastructure of solar power and rainwater tanks to renovate five existing cottages on the island and create themed rooms. We built a new purpose-built bar and entertainment area which served as the central hub of the island. We constructed a dedicated camping ground complete with facilities and large capacity tents. We created a “Loo with a View”, an addition unique to our campsite in its standing as the only toilet in Australia where you could look out over the ocean and nothing else. We installed an efficient infrastructure, which involved a full upgrade and renewal of all septic and solar systems and the installation of a dedicated generator power supply. It was a logistical challenge as the island was located 16km off the coast of Yeppoon in QLD meaning all materials had to be shipped by barge out of Gladstone. The project cost over $2 million over a period of three months before the island could be rendered a usable and functional space. The island now operates as a place where the Castlemaine XXXX brewery can send prize winners on the ultimate bloke’s holiday.

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