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Finding yourself working from home and feeling uninspired with your work space? A study room is a place for quiet contemplation, work or study. It should be a comfortable and productive space that produces creativity and inspiration.

When building or renovating if you do not have the room to build separate office it is worth finding space for a built- in study nook. A good builder can help you identify a space in the house that will work.

Try to identify a room that has an area that is secluded and quiet; ideally someplace where you can get good lighting, even better if it is natural light. To get the most out of the space you must plan the functionality of it well. Having a study space that is functional first and foremost is key. Designing a space that will allow you to keep everything organised will enable you to keep the room tidy and in turn, escape distractions and focus on the work that needs to be done.

The first thing to focus on is the furniture required, which will depend on the type of work you do. Most people will need a desk, shelving, and a bookcase/storage, but you may also like to consider whether you should include pieces such as under desk filing cabinets, larger flat work surfaces, or desks that can comfortably house multiple computer screens, printers, or scanners. Once you’ve determined which essential items you can work out the space required.

Although a study nook has a limited amount of space to work with, you can still create a space that is organised, functional, with storage space without taking up valuable floorspace.

Integrating built-in joinery is a great way to incorporate a handy study and maximising the space. It allows you to customise your cabinetry and create a flow throughout the room.

When building your study space, recommended desk height is ideally 750mm high for a comfortable working height, with a depth of at least 600mm bigger the better especially with large screens or using multiple screens. Ensure that the builder and electrician work together with power points. Hidden power points within cabinetry conceal cables and create more space.


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