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Transforming your laundry into the perfect space takes organisation but it is easier than you think. Not everyone has the luxury to have a full sized laundry, and whilst it’s high on the priority list for many clients, sometimes it’s not feasible to create a laundry room. To make sure your laundry is functional no matter the size, we have a few key tips what will transform the laundry space you have:

1. Carefully consider your appliance selection. Top loader washing machines are preferred by some people due to their great load capacity, and being able to add that sock you forgot, even if the machine is mid-cycle, but having a top loader washing machine means you can’t have a bench top above the machine and reduces your bench space. Also, if you want to hang a dryer above your top loader washing machine, you need to make sure you hang it high enough that it doesn’t prevent you from open the washing machine lid up fully. For these reasons, front loader washing machines are gaining popularity as they provide the option of a bench top to run over the top of the machine, or a dryer to be stacked on top. Some brands these days now offer a combination washing machine & dryer meaning you only need to integrate 1 appliance into your laundry space rather than 2.

2. Storage is king so maximise your cabinetry without compromising your ability to move around the space. Drawers aren’t as functional in a laundry as cupboards, and if you have the space, tall cupboards are a great place to store mops, brooms, ironing boards etc. Open shelves are a design choice that offers stylish storage solutions in a typically boring room, but if you’re not the tidiest person, best to incorporate doors on your overhead cabinets to keep the space looking clutter free. Ensure your internal shelves are adjustable to give you the flexibility to manage your storage.

3. Add some personality to this utility room by selecting a statement floor or splash back tile


White White White

White White White

Why is everyone choosing white for their walls? Just like the fashion industry, interior trends take a cue from past seasons; what was favourable/desirable/fashionable years ago is new again and white is back. White is clean and fresh and a safe choice however an all-white concept has its own challenges, meaning it’s important to pay attention to the details.

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